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The Sunday night Discovery Group that has been meeting in our home since January is exploring the identity, words and works of Jesus.  First, we wanted to verify Jesus was a real historical person.  Then we wanted to determine just how important his contribution was to the culture of his day.  And finally, we want to explore how relevant Jesus can be in our busy lives in 2016.

We begin each 90 minute gathering with about 30 minutes of getting to know each other as we enjoy light refreshments together.  Afterwards we transition to our great room where we sit in a circle and begin our informal study.  We are using a summary of the first four books of the New Testament of the Bible entitled, “The Story of Jesus” as our primary text.  It takes the actual words of the Bible and puts them in an easily understandable format (the New International Version).  This  paperback has only 7 chapters and is only 102 pages long.  We have been averaging 8 adults who participate in our weekly gatherings and we normally explore one chapter each week.

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