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To help all people FIND and FOLLOW Jesus.


MAKE disciples of Jesus, LOVE God & people, GROW exponentially.


SACRIFICE For Our Neighbors, SERVE Our Community, SHARE Our Lives, SEND Our Best


We believe and embrace the Bible, and the Bible alone, as the only reliable source for the fundamental teachings of historic, evangelical Christianity.

We believe the Bible is God’s Word.  We believe Jesus Christ is God’s only Son.  We believe in a literal heaven and hell, and both last forever.  


We believe the only way to eternal life in heaven is by God’s grace alone (we could never earn it), through faith alone (not by our good works), in Christ alone (no other savior or religion will satisfy the One True God).  We believe it is our responsibility to go and share the good news of eternal life in Christ to all people in every nation.

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Our Responsibility As Believers

We believe we should show Christ’s love as we serve our neighborhood and community.  We believe it is our responsibility to share Christ’s love and to make disciples of Jesus Christ who will also become reproducing disciple-makers.  We believe we are called to discover, develop and deploy Christ-like leaders.  We believe we are called to plant new churches who will plant other new churches.  We believe time is short and that Jesus Christ will return soon.  We believe the decisions we make in this life will have consequences in eternity that cannot be changed after death.

A more detailed description of what we believe is available upon request.


Grandview Church belongs to the Longs Peak Association of Churches and the SEND Network for church planting, a ministry of the North American Mission Board, of the SBC.

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