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More Than A Empty Tomb Community Easter Celebration!


The Good News is that Easter is far more than an Empty Tomb–and we were blessed to share that Good News with a great turnout from our community on Easter Sunday!  The MMS Cafe felt comfortably full and alive with lots of new faces and energy!  Even though Easter is behind us, there’s still lots of Good News on tap at Grandview Church!  The rest of April we will continue our series on “Running on Empty.”  We all feel empty from time to time, and it’s good to know that God’s Word has plenty to say about how to thrive (not just survive) in challenging times.  Then, starting in May on Mother’s Day, we will begin a message series on “Fixing Up Our Families.”  There will be lots of fun and practical guidance from the Bible on how to guide and grow our family relationships deeper so they are more satisfying to us and more pleasing to God!

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