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Join Us In Our Bible Readings This Year!

If you’re like many people, reading the Bible seems so intimidating!  And, as a result, your favorite Bible gathers dust for most of the week and your knowledge of God’s Word is limited to what you hear/remember from church.  I’ve used many different Bible reading plans over the years and found some value in all of them.  But, I decided I wanted to combine some the best elements of some of them into a plan of my own design.  I know, this plan looks difficult, but it’s not!  It is basically chronological, and logical in it’s format.  You can begin any time of the year and you’ll finish a year later if you stay on schedule.  If you don’t stay on schedule, don’t give up, just keep reading!  If it takes 14 months instead of 12, you’ve still accomplished your goal!

The Old Testament (OT) readings are essentially chronological, and beginning in the era of the kings, the readings also branch out into primary types of literature: Poetry, History & Prophecy.  The New Testament readings are arranged into 4 groups, each starting with one of the Gospel accounts: Luke, Acts, and the Pauline Letters; Matthew, and most of the General Letters; Mark, and the Pastoral Letters; John, the Letters of John, and Revelation.  Some benefits: we read through the Life of Christ four different times during the year, and we have arranged the Letters into logical groups.  This plan has lots of options: 1) Read the entire Bible in 52 weeks.  Basically requires you read 4 chapters a day, one from each column.  2) Read the entire New Testament in 52 weeks.  Basically requires you read 1 chapter a day from the far right (New Testament) column.  3)  Read the entire Old Testament in 52 weeks.  Basically requires you read 3 chapters a day, one from each of the first 3 (OT) columns.


I’ll be praying you not only accept this challenge, but that God transforms your life in the process!  Bruce Hendrich (Joshua 1:8), January 2018

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