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Find Your Story In God’s Story!


As our first Discovery Group winds down (The Relevance of Jesus), we are beginning to ramp up for our new Life Group (The Story) to begin the first week in May!

Our new Life Group will use the overview of the Bible entitled, “The Story” (see used by many churches all across the country, as our springboard for this 31 week Life Group.  We anticipate gathering on a mid-week night right after everyone gets home from work, maybe 5:30 pm or so.  We will begin with a simple dinner meal for the entire family, just to enjoy hanging out together.  After we’ve eaten, the kids will head downstairs to our “kids play room” for a fun-filled time of stories and crafts that cover the same content the adults will be studying upstairs.  (Parents will be welcome to help with, or just observe the kids activities if they prefer.)  The adults will be exploring an overview of the Bible’s major teachings, beginning in Genesis and ending in Revelation.  By the time the end of July comes around, participants will have a great handle on the major teachings of the entire Bible!

Until we outgrow our home, we will continue to meet at 16565 Sanford Street, Mead.  If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to email us at or text/call us at (720) 899-1126.

Please check back with us by May 1st to get the finalized details for this awesome journey into God’s Word!  We’d love to grow in our love for God and His Word with you!

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